Nutrition and Fitness undeniably go hand in hand. With only half of the equation, you can not achieve the highest quality of health and happiness. It is important to balance each aspect of your health properly and we have guidance for you every step of the way.

Our Registered Dietitian, Barrie Rosencrans, has over 25 years in the nutrition and fitness industry. Trained in NYC and Italy as a professional dancer and holds a Masters of Science and Human Metabolism from Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine, she is currently the owner of Spa Walden.  Barrie is truly excited to offer her expertise to the clients of Hudson Pilates and Fitness. Her main goal is to focus on every individual student’s nutritional needs. Barrie’s recipe for lifelong health is a handful of honesty, a cupful of self care, a tablespoon of meditation, a  teaspoon of yoga, sprinkle wise words of wisdom, a dash of intuition and she’ll help you get creative and feel fantastic from the inside out. Her advice has helped hundred of clients in Cleveland and Italy. Barrie is married to Robert; has three teenage boys Reed, Rob and Ryan and loves spending time with her golden retrievers Roxie and Rocco.  She believes your potential is 100% there and attainable for anyone who is committed to change.healthy heart

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